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Welcome to the world of advertising, promotion, branding with a discreet growth value adding to your business. I Ad Media (India Advertisement Media) Private Limited has a clear and adequate vision of exploring our ideas into your substantial growth with a interactive, versatile, proficient style.

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Its always pleasure to share our experience into the growth of your business by in-lighting or enhancing your ideas of promotional activity to the light of right and defined ways of getting more & more business. India Advertisement Media Private Limited has always a vision of secured and professional focus on the promotion of your products into the right business marketplaces, from where we can explore growth of your identity and position.

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Advertisement and promotion have their own parameters and we need to find out the discreet possible ways of right business leads. Todays market made us so flexible that our need knocks our door and pushes us to match our demand in a easy comfort manner without wasting our precious time with the help of all possible technologies and we need to design our marketing & advertising policies based on such specific hassle free demanding promotions. We have given our best effort to design our product and services to reach your creative identity with the help various promotional and advertisement tools. Our every product & services has been discovered from the great research and development of unreachable unique marketplaces like various search engines, classifieds, web portals and other various smart applications & tools which helped us to help you in a more adequate and synchronised way.

Why Us?


Research inspires strategy

Everything we create begins with a good measure of strategy. Through research and strategic analysis I Ad Media intersects observation and reflection. This strategy builds an understanding of the current situation and discovers insight into customers, competitors and opportunities in the marketplace.


Strategy becomes the idea

Drawing on experience, our design team visualise the idea and make it tangible. Through a range of design approaches and concepts we design great experiences that carry value. We consider for a design to be successful it must address needs and satisfy wants.


Ideas become innovation

Once an idea has evolved and has been refined, it must carefully make its way into the marketplace. Communicating the idea to others and building mass adoption is a key part of the innovation process. Handing the control to others and leaving a legacy is the final ingredient in the delivery process.

A difference

We like to think that we are a little different from other agencies, and here are a few reasons why.

  • Director owned – Design led
  • Young and innovative Creative
  • Energetic and Experienced Team
  • On Time Delivery
  • Committed to Client Satisfaction