Social Media Optimization

TSocial media is latest and most effective tool to stay connected with your business friends,existing clients and new clients. In this package you will get personal social pages on leading 3 social and business networking site i.e linkedin, twitter, facebook (Example )


Benefits of Facebook for business In this guide:

  • :-Using Facebook to market your business.
  • :-How Facebook works
  • :-Who uses Facebook?
  • :-Benefits of Facebook for business
  • :-Tips for successful marketing through Facebook
  • :-How your business can avoid pitfalls on Facebook
  • :-Creating a business page on Facebook
  • :-Print entire guide

A Facebook page has many potential benefits for your business. While some of these benefits are similar to those of having a website, a number are unique to Facebook. Combined, the benefits listed below can lead to increased sales and profits for your business.

Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy Marketing activities that would cost thousands of dollars through other channels can be used on Facebook for a fraction of the cost. This makes it ideal for small to medium businesses with a limited marketing budget. Larger businesses can also trial marketing concepts and themes through Facebook before committing to bigger campaigns.

Share basic information about your business Your Facebook page is a place where you can publicise your business name, address and contact details, and briefly describe your products and services. You can also talk about your staff, history, or any other aspect of your business that is likely to attract other Facebook users and create interest in what you do.

Share pictures and videos from your business As well as allowing you to post text, Facebook lets you upload pictures and videos from your business. This can be a powerful way to communicate with customers and potential customers, allowing them to see your product or service without having to visit your premises.Facebook also allows users to ‘tag’ photos to indicate if a Facebook friend appears in them. This function can be used to promote your business. For example, a tour operator could post a photo on their page of a group going whitewater rafting, then invite each participant to tag their image in the photo. Each tagged image will show up as an update on the participant’s Facebook account, where their friends will see it too. This increases the level of interest in the picture, and your business.

If you do decide to use tagging, be careful. It can be a privacy issue, and some Facebook users are sensitive about being tagged in photographs. For this reason, it is better to ask participants to do the tagging, rather than doing it on their behalf.

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